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  Vaughan Integrative Medicine is committed to providing holistic, integrative healing based on the best of conventional medicine and proven alternative and complementary therapies to address the whole person--body, mind, emotions and spirit. Our intention is to support patients wanting to make substantive lifestyle changes by educating, empowering, and leading.  
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Dear Patients, Friends, and Family of Vaughan Integrative Medicine,

We regret to inform you that effective January 2018, Vaughan Integrative Medicine, along with the Natural Vitality Center, has closed its doors, with plans to re-open in the summer of 2018 in a new location.

As a result, all office visits scheduled with Dr. Vaughan after December 2017 have been cancelled.

Our last day seeing patients was December 29; however, we still administered some IVs and injections through January 19, 2018, or while supplies lasted.

The reasons for this temporary closing are as follows. Most of you are aware that we’ve had a very challenging 2017 with respect to our office space. To recap, in March, we discovered a leak in the larger of the two buildings we lease. The leak had caused significant water damage, including the presence of black mold. We evacuated the larger building immediately and undertook a rigorous remediation to save what equipment we could remove from that office and transferred it to our smaller building, which we determined was not affected by the mold.

Our goal was to protect the health of our staff members and patients. As you may know, mold affects individuals differently, and some not at all. Unfortunately, our only registered nurse and our second physician became too sick from mold issues to continue working, leaving Dr. Vaughan as the only practitioner at the practice.

Dr. Vaughan and the remaining staff have worked tirelessly to care for our patients and stay the course in our now cramped location, all the while hoping that our landlord would complete the remediation of our larger office and allow us time to regroup. This was not to be. Our landlord has asked us to leave, effective immediately.

Dr. Vaughan’s health has declined as a result of all of this. She needs a rest to recover, and will take this opportunity to go on sabbatical for six months to do some self-care and healing. During that time, we will be looking for the perfect location for a new and improved Integrative Wellness Center! We intend to reopen this summer, and we will keep everyone updated as to our progress on our website and on Facebook.

In the meantime the following limited services will be available:
  • Colleen and Chris will continue to be available to manage your records and answer your questions while we transition to a telemedicine model.
  • The Natural Vitality Center has closed its doors as well, but you can still order supplements! See the NVC website for additional information.
  • Our Health Coach, Stefanie Draper, continues to be available for Health Coaching Sessions by phone effective immediately. Call (336) 808-3627 to schedule an appointment.
Our patients need to do the following:
  • Have your pharmacy submit a prescription renewal request by no later than January 12th 2018. We will make sure you have refills at least through June 2018. Requests for refills after January 12, 2018, may not be filled on a timely basis!
  • Even though we are not closing permanently, you may wish to have your medical records transferred to another location. If so, make arrangements with our office by no later than January 12th, 2018. (A transfer form is available upon request).
  • Stay in the loop! Subscribe to our email list by clicking the link at the top of this page! We’ll also continue to maintain a presence on our website and on Facebook so you’ll know what progress we’re making on our new location.
Thank you for your past business and support. We wish you all the best for your continued health and wellness. For questions, please contact us at (336) 808-3627 or email at info@vaughanintegrative.com


Vaughan Integrative Medicine
PO Box 1147
Lexington, NC 27293

Voice: 336.808.3627
Fax: 336.808.3628

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