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Retirement FAQ

When is Dr. Vaughan retiring?

January 31, 2019

Will VIM still manage my prescriptions

Dr. Vaughan will authorize a three-month prescription refill for most medications of patients who have had an appointment or consult between June 1, 2018 and January 18, 2019, provided the patient makes their request by Patient Portal, phone, or email. (Refill requests by the pharmacy will not be addressed.) The fee for refill requests is $35 per request (five prescription maximum), per pharmacy. For example: If you have four prescriptions, but three go to CVS and one goes to a compounding pharmacy, the fee would be $35 x 2 pharmacies, or $70. Please allow seven days’ lead time. For more than five prescriptions, a chart review fee of $75 will also be added.

Will someone review my labs

If you already have a VIM lab order, Dr. Vaughan will review labs that result by March 31. A copy of the reviewed labs will be mailed to your address on file. No new orders will be generated.

I got a bill from the lab company. Do I have to pay that

Lab fees are your responsibility. If you have insurance or Medicare, you may want to make sure the lab company filed the bill with them before you pay it.

How can I get a copy of my chart

Most of your chart can be downloaded from the Patient Portal at www.vaughanintegrative.com/portal.

For a paper copy, you must download and complete a Record Request form, making sure to sign and date it, and email it to info@vaughanintegrative.com by no later than February 18, 2019. We'll mail copies to the address you list on the form. (I’m sorry, we are unable to email records.) We recommend you request that records be mailed to your home or PO Box. This way, you have more control over who gets copies in the future.

Note: It may take up to 30 days to process your records request.

How much does a record request cost

The NC Legislature regulates the fees for medical record requests (NC statute 90-411). The minimum fee for this service is $10, which will be charged to the credit card VIM has on file when we begin processing your request. If you are not certain which credit card we have on file or if you wish for us to use a different card, just give us a call and leave the new card information on our secure voicemail.

Additional fees are as follows: $0.75 per page for the first 25 pages, $0.50 per page for pages 26-100, and $0.25 per page for pages 101 and beyond. There is a small charge for shipping through US Media Rate, usually less than $3 or $4.

What forms of payment does VIM accept

We accept all major credit cards and certified checks/money orders. We no longer accept personal checks.

Is there a deadline for requesting records and prescription refills

Yes. You must make your request by no later than February 18, 2019.

How will I know VIM received my records request

Someone from our office will reply to your emailed request for records. We will also contact you once we’ve completed the request—and prior to sending the records to your designated recipient, to notify you of the balance due.

How do I talk to a person

Call during posted working hours. (Visit www.vaughanintegrative.com.) If no one answers, leave a voicemail and someone will return your call.

Will VIM make referrals or pre-authorizations for specialty testing, medications, etc.

No. We are no longer making referrals or pre-authorizations.

What physician does Dr. Vaughan recommend now that she’s retiring

Dr. Vaughan is not making specific recommendations, but she encourages you to avail yourself of one of the integrative/functional practitioners in the area. The following list is not all-inclusive, nor is it meant to provide a specific endorsement, but Dr. Vaughan knows of the following local practitioners:

  • Kim Shelton in Greensboro
  • Shawn Dalton-Bethea in Greensboro
  • Ami Ingram in Greensboro
  • John Pittman in Raleigh
  • Beverly Goode-Kanawati in Raleigh
  • Joanne Pizzino in Raleigh
  • Robinhood Integrative Medicine in Winston Salem
  • Alex Augoustides in Winston Salem

Can I still get a phone consultation

No. Dr. Vaughan is no longer scheduling consultations.

Where will I get supplements

The Natural Vitality Center remains open to supply you with your supplement needs. Just call Chris at (336) 232-4847 or email him at sales@thenaturalvitalitycenter.com. Subscribe to our email notifications at thenaturalvitalitycenter.com.

Will I still be able to access the Patient Portal

Your access will be available for only a limited time. Make sure you have printed/downloaded your records from the portal by no later than February 18, 2019.

Will you provide prescriptions for my supplements

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to provide this service.

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