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Our Treatment Approach

We Listen

Dr. Vaughan's great-grandfather said, "If you listen to the patient long enough, the patient will give you the diagnosis."

We cancelled all our contracts with HMOs, PPOs, insurance companies and others, to give our staff the freedom to spend adequate, quality time, with patients. Because patients know more about themselves than we could ever know, we listen.

We Treat Causes, not Symptoms

A physician in this practice will see about 10 to 14 patients a day, compared with 30 to 40 for the average Internal Medicine practice. During a typical physical exam, Dr. Vaughan may spend an hour to an hour and a half. Compare that with the few minutes an insurance company-defined physical allows.

Treating symptoms is easy: Patient has a symptom... doctor diagnoses...doctor prescribes...patient is out the door and on the way to the nearest pharmacy. This linear (non-holistic) approach fits computer databases very well: Symptom (assign a number) Diagnosis (assign a number) Treatment (assign a number). (And, of course, the patient has a number. And the doctor.)

" ... but I just don't feel as well as I think I should."

To repeat, THE - most common complaint we hear from patients is, "I just don't feel as well as I think I should."

Fact : There is no computerized Diagnosis Code for that complaint. Yet it is the most common complaint we hear. It means that there is something systemically wrong with your health. It is not in your head, and it is not a cold, or the flu, or a sinus infection. It's an overall feeling of non-wellness.

We Try to Help Those Who Don't Feel Well - Get Well and Stay Well

Our goal is for you to achieve total wellness. To feel healthy all the time. To slow down the aging process. We design a unique, individualized combination of medical care, supplement regimens, and lifestyle changes to help you get fit and stay fit.

We Treat the Whole Person - Mind, Body, Spirit, Eating Plan and Environment

You are what you eat. What you drink. What supplements you take. What you think about. What stresses or pleasures your surroundings provide. What genes you inherited. How you exercise. And in this day and age, especially, what toxins your environment delivers with every morsel of food, every drink, and every breath you take.

We use extensive, sophisticated lab tests, some main stream and some of which, quite frankly, your insurance company doesn't have in its database. We use one-on-one interviews and questionnaires. We offer Predictive Genomics Testing. All this, and more, to help you achieve the balance a healthy body requires.

The technical term for this approach is Functional Medicine.

  • An individualized treatment plan for every patient
  • Every patient is an individual, not a typical case.

We develop a treatment plan for each patient, individually. We don't have standard care programs built around a single diagnosis.

One Size Does Not Fit All!

We strongly oppose the "One Size Fits All" approach advocated by Medicare and some HMOs. We believe the patient and physician should "partner" in the patient's health care.

We believe it is the physician's job to empower the patient to become healthy again and stay as healthy as possible. If the patient doesn't believe he/she can become healthy, it is the physician's job to help the patient achieve that mindset.

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