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What Is Integrative Medicine?

Balance, Health, and Vitality. These are the three words that define Vaughan Integrative Medicine.

Take a moment to answer the following questions: When was the last time you saw a doctor? How do you feel right now? If your answer to the first question is "When I was sick" and your answer to the second question is "Pretty good. Not as good as I once did, but okay" then we invite you to try the integrative (or functional) medical approach.

No two people are alike. Dr. Vaughan likes to use the phrase "One size does not fit all" when referring to the practice of medicine. Functional medicine treats the "whole person" rather than just the symptoms. It allows the best of traditional and alternative medicine to be merged and a personalized treatment plan to be generated for each individual patient. Rather than focusing on what's wrong, this branch of medicine focuses on what's right ... and strives to help improve upon that, thereby helping the body return to its proper balance. Functional medicine identifies trends that you are predisposed to. Then we treat them before they ever become a condition. A more rounded approach is used. Not only is the body focused on, but diet, exercise pattern, environment, and many, many more variables. When the body, mind, and spirit are all in balance, optimal health is achieved.

We invite you to let us help you achieve your goal for optimal, quality health and after you have reached your goal, trust that we will do everything possible to work with you to help you maintain it. The Balance, Health, and Vitality that you desire, or perhaps once had, can be yours again.

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